About CurveBeam


CurveBeam researches, develops and manufactures cone beam CT imaging & visualization solutions for the orthopaedic specialties. CurveBeam prides itself in its comprehensive accreditation support, as well as responsive customer and technical support.  All CurveBeam systems are manufactured at its headquarters in Hatfield, Penn., USA, just outside of Philadelphia.


CurveBeam was founded in 2009, and is privately owned and operated. CurveBeam is ISO 13485:2016 certified and Medical Device Single Audit Prograpm (MDSAP) certified. For more information, please visit

About CurveBeam’s Weight Bearing CT Imaging Systems


The CurveBeam pedCAT and LineUP cone beam CT imaging systems are designed for optimal weight bearing imaging. The systems’ wide gantry opening allow for easy step-in/step-out patient entry and exit. The large patient platform lets the patient stand naturally during scanning. The systems offer the largest field-of-view in their class, and can accommodate bilateral imaging of the entire knee, foot & ankle regions in a single scan.

The systems are compact, self-shielded and plug into a standard 115/230 VAC wall outlet, making them ideal for the point-of-care setting. Operators select from specific protocols. A radiologic technologist without specialized training in computed tomography is qualified to operate the systems in most of the United States.


CurveBeam datasets are DICOM compliant and fit perfectly into existing PACS systems and workflows.

About CurveBeam LineUP


The CurveBeam LineUP provides bilateral, weight bearing imaging of the knees, feet and ankles. Accessory chairs can be attached to the system to provide upper extremity scanning capability. The LineUP also has limited two-dimensional X-Ray imaging capability. The CurveBeam LineUP is ideal for multi-specialty orthopedic practices.


The CurveBeam LineUP received FDA 510(k) clearance, as well as CE Marking, in 2018.

About CurveBeam pedCAT


The CurveBeam pedCAT provides bilateral, weight bearing imaging of the feet & ankles. The CurveBeam pedCAT is ideal for foot & ankle focused orthopedic and podiatric practices.


The pedCAT received FDA 510(K) clearance, as well as CE Marking, in 2012.

About CurveBeam’s Visualization Software

CubeVue, CurveBeam's custom visualization software, gives orthopaedic surgeons access to dynamic 3D rendering tools. Specialists can rotate anatomy, segment bones, and cut through realistic representations of the bones and joints.


CubeVue presents the 0.3mm slices in a multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) and allows surgeons to create both curved and oblique custom cuts.


CubeVue’s Insta-X tab presents digitally reconstructed radiographs, or simulated X-Ray views, created from the original scan.


For more information on the CurveBeam pedCAT, click here.

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