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A letter from François Lintz, IWBCTS President

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Members of the International Weight Bearing CT Society,

As 2022 comes to an end, with its myriad of challenges and achievements, we look forward to meeting you again throughout 2023, as well as welcoming many more of you. We have in 2022 achieved the significant milestone of 100 Members and are looking to reach 1000 in the next few years. We are evermore a large and worldwide not-for profit scientific society.

As Cone Beam rapidly expands in our everyday clinical use for the benefit of our patients, a lot of work remains in order to standardize our practice. We want to thank the Standards Committee, launched by our founding Pdt Pr Dr Martinus Richter for the incredible work performed at an international and collaborative level. This endeavor, which aims to bring standards in the way we analyse 3D weight bearing images and produce measurements, will lead to milestone publications in 2023.

This new year will also be marked by stronger relationships with researchers and clinicians in other musculoskeletal specialities. Everyone is concerned by the development of ConeBeam and the switch from 2D imaging to 3D. We are especially enthused by our growing interactions with the radiology and knee/hip surgery worlds.

We also want to thank our Partners, who support us ever more each year, and we look forward to welcoming new partners in the future. The 3D world is a place which requires the help of engineers and computer scientists to be understood. Our partners not only support us financially, they also provide these kinds of ressources to the society and within the society, to many of its researchers and clinicians. The help of these innovative companies has been invaluable in reaching our objectives.

But most of all, we want to thank you, our members, without whom nothing would be possible. Our success is the result of your commitment both with the society and with WBCT in your daily activities. Most especially our online events with hundreds of views each time, has shown us that you are always here with us and hopefully, more and more in live events.

As a founding word for 2023, in the continuity of 2022, MILESTONES could suit very well! We wish you all a very happy new year and lots of good times with your loved ones. Stay with us, join us or advocate for us in 2023: you will help us promote the daily use of WBCT, 3D technology and develop game changing technologies for the benefit of patients worldwide.

Yours, truthfully,

Dr Francois Lintz, President on behalf of the International WBCT Society Board

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