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Tom Turmezei appointed as Radiology Representative to the International WBCT Society

We are delighted to welcome Dr Tom Turmezei as the new Radiology Representative to the International WBCT Society.

Dr Tom Turmezei is a Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist in Norwich and an Honorary Associate Professor at the University of East Anglia, UK. He has a wide range of diagnostic and interventional clinical interests that include degenerative joint disease and spinal cement augmentation.

His main research interests are in 3-D imaging analysis of bones and joints, through which he has developed novel imaging techniques such as joint space mapping and cartilage surface mapping, most recently working with weight bearing computed tomography (CT) at the knee. He is also the founding Chair of the Computed Tomography in Osteoarthritis Imaging (OCTA) Research group that promotes the use of CT imaging in osteoarthritis research, is on the Advisory Board from the International Society of Osteoarthritis Imaging, and is an editorial board member of the journal Osteoarthritis Imaging.

Dr Turmezei has a longstanding interest in academic textbooks and human anatomy, combining these most recently as the Imaging Editor for the 42nd edition of Gray’s Anatomy, Elsevier. He also received the 2020 Roentgen Professor Award from the Royal College of Radiologists, UK, for his academic achievements and commitment to inspiring research in trainees.

Dr Turmezei said: "I believe that the continued development of low dose weight bearing cone beam technology means that a 3-D CT-based approach to lower limb joints can be argued as the next gold standard over traditional radiography."

Welcome Tom!

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