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About Disior

Disior develops 3D analytics software for medical doctors which provides objective data for diagnosis, treatment planning and outcome assessment.
Disior replaces blurry 2D images with intelligent analytics software that turns medical images into numerical data and highly accurate 3D models. Images can be falsely interpreted, but numerical data is 100% unambiguous. The solution enables clinicians to make decisions based on accurate, consistent and comparable data – something that traditional methods can never match.
Disior’s product is a surgical area specific analysis software which is very easy and fast to use. First areas covered are orthopaedics as well as head and neck – mostly analysing trauma and malformations. The software output is automatically analysed anatomy and essential radiographical parameters. For trauma, the software includes analysis of shape and size of trauma area with virtual reconstruction of healthy structure for automated patient specific implant creation.
Our foot and ankle analysis software (Bonelogic® Ortho Foot and Ankle) provides automatic analysis of radiographic angles, measurements and reference points as well as high quality models for 3D printing. Bonelogic® Ortho Foot and Ankle is CE marked (Medical Device Class IIb).

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