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Prof. Dr.

Martinus Richter

President 2017-2019, International WBCT Society

Dear Researchers in the field of radiographic foot and ankle imaging and surgery,


3D Weight Bearing Computed Tomography (WBCT) based on Cone Beam technology is the most promising innovation in foot & ankle radiographic imaging.  The potential of this technology is enormous, especially from a clinical point of view. Some foot and ankle surgeons have a high scientific interest in this new modality, and numerous studies have been conducted already. 


These researchers connected with one another and realized that different approaches and methods toward WBCT workup have been inaugurated.  For example, different methods for measurement of bone position (angles, distances) were developed in parallel.  After ongoing discussion about the optimal approach for further research in this field, the International WBCT Society was inaugurated.  The tasks of this Society are:


  • To promote and improve research using 3D-radiographic imaging with WBCT

  • To standardise the methodology regarding measurement methods

  • To serve as a platform of communication for foot & ankle surgeons and to inform of educational events

  • To offer guidelines and reviews regarding the indications and use of WBCT at an International level


The International WBCT Society is comprised of active and passive members from relevant international surgical and radiology foot and ankle societies.  Research projects are conducted and published together.  This group is completely independent from the industry but cooperates with the different manufacturers of different WBCT devices.

This Society is focused on foot and ankle surgery and the corresponding radiology, and everybody with scientific interest in this field is invited to join.  We would be delighted to welcome you at one of our upcoming meetings.  Applications for membership are welcome at any time.



Martinus Richter

President 2017-2019, International WBCT Society

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