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Dear colleagues,


We are excited to announce that the International WBCT Society will be hosting its 2nd Virtual Meeting on Saturday 16 January 2021! The event is scheduled to start at 10:00 EST.


The International WBCT Society Board looks forward to welcoming you to an all new meeting format which will include invited talks and presentations submitted via our Call for Abstracts.


We look forward to sharing more information on the event, its programme and exciting speaker line-up in the coming days!


Follow our LinkedIn and Twitter pages for more day-to-day information.


The International WBCT Society Board

Programme & Abstracts

For the first time, the International WBCT Society will run its event via a Call for Abstracts, together with an exciting panel of invited speakers.

Full Programme:

General Session 1 - Chair: François Lintz

10:00 EST - 10:10

François Lintz


10:10 - 10:22

Ruud Wellenberg

Quantitative 2D versus 3D geometric analyses on bones and joints in weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing cone-beam CT images

10:22 - 10:34

Claudio Belvedere

Elongation of knee ligaments revealing patellar instability: differences between assessments via conventional and weight-bearing computer tomography

10:34 - 10:46

Cesar de Cesar Netto

The Efficacy of Surgical Treatment in the Correction of Progressive Collapsing Foot Deformity

10:46 - 10:58

Michele Conconi

Differences between loaded and unloaded kinematic synergies among foot bones through weight-bearing CT

10:58 - 11:10

Arne Burssens

Correction of the Hindfoot Alignment after Supramalleolar Osteomy in Tibia Vara Deformity - A Three-Dimensional Weightbearing CT Analysis

11:10 - 11:22

Alberto Leardini

Thorough morphological assessment of adult flexible flat foot via weight-bearing CT scans and 3D reconstruction tools

11:22 - 11:35


General Session 2 - Chair: Martinus Richter

11:40 - 11:45
Martinus Richter


11:45 - 11:57

Matthew Conti

Correlation of Different Methods of Measuring Pronation of the First Metatarsal on Weightbearing CT Scans

11:57 - 12:09

Matthieu Lalevée

Is Lateral Impingement a Good Predictor of Peritalar Subluxation in Patients with Progressive Collapsing Foot Deformity?

12:09 - 12:21

Mark Carl Miller

The Pronation Angle Calculated from the Sulci and Floor Changes with Axial Alignment of the Metatarsal 

12:21 - 12:33

Nacime Salomao Barbachan Mansur

Automatic 3D Volumetric Analysys of the Distal Tibiofibular Syndesmotic Incisura: A Case-Control Study of Subtle Chronic Syndesmotic Instability

12:33 - 12:45

Neil A. Segal

WBCT Provides an Increased Rate of Detection of Meniscal Extrusion Compared with MRI in Adults with or at Increased Risk for Knee Osteoarthritis

12:45 - 12:57

Victoria Vivtcharenko

Ankle Joint Weightbearing CT Three-Dimensional Distance Maps of Adult-Acquired Flatfoot Deformity: A Retrospective Case-Control Study

12:57 - 13:10


Innovation Session 1 - Chair: Alexej Barg

13:10 - 13:15

Alexej Barg


13:15 - 13:27

Michael Willey

Inputs on WBCT for Trauma and Hip Preservation Surgery

13:27 - 13:39

Sajid Butt

Innovations in Cone Beam CT for Orthopaedic Care

13:39 - 13:51

Heidi Haapasalo

WBCT image analysis innovations

13:51 - 14:03

Cesar de Cesar Netto

Titrating PCFD Reconstruction using WBCT

14:03 - 14:15


Innovation Session 2 - Chair: Arne Burssens

14:15 - 14:20

Arne Burssens


14:20 - 14:32

Scott Ellis

WBCT Innovation: the Surgeon's point of view (USA)

14:32 - 14:44

Matthew Welck

WBCT Innovation: the Surgeon's point of view (EUR)

14:44 - 14:56

John Carrino

WBCT Innovation: the Radiologist's point of view (USA)

14:56 - 15:08


15:08 - 

François Lintz & Alexej Barg

Closing Remarks


The 2nd International WBCT Society Virtual Meeting is free to attend.


The International WBCT Society would like to thank its sponsors without whom the organisation of this event would not be possible:

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