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New Article - AAFD: Conventional Radiographs are not Enough! I Need the Third Dimension

A new exciting article has been published online, ahead of print, by the journal of Techniques in Foot & Ankle Surgery. Co-authored by the International WBCT Society's Board Members, it features a review of the recent literature about the use of WBCT in AAFD.

Read on for abstract and more.


There is an increasing amount of literature suggesting that 3-dimensional (3D) weight-bearing computed tomography (WBCT) imaging overcomes the inherent limits of traditional bidimensional imaging in foot and ankle surgery. This seems to have a significant impact on the study and on the clinical management of adult acquired flatfooot deformity (AAFD) that by definition is a 3D complex deformity. In this study, we reviewed the recent literature about the use of WBCT in AAFD, starting from a critical analysis about the biases related to conventional radiography and to non-standing CT. Then, we focused on the effects of load on the 3D architecture of the foot and ankle in AAFD. Finally, we discussed the benefits and future perspectives for the use of WBCT in the management of this condition and as a surgical planning tool as well.

Further information on publisher's site:

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