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New publication: 3D Biometrics for Hindfoot Alignment Using Weightbearing Computed Tomography

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

We are pleased to share news of our recent study being published by Foot & Ankle International.

Result of a fruitful collaboration with Tongren Hospital in Beijing, China - the study further highlights the increasing potential of WBCT in foot and ankle clinical practice. Our new member and publication's co-author, Alessio Bernasconi, MD comments.

"Our study in collaboration with Tongren Hospital (Beijing, China) has finally come out. The assessment of about 250 feet through weight bearing CT imaging has allowed us to further investigate the role of a recently introduced three-dimensional measurement dubbed Foot and Ankle Offset, in the evaluation of hindfoot alignment. This prospective analysis has confirmed its excellent reliability (with both intra and interobserver reliability at around 0.98), documenting mean values very similar to normative ones provided in literature (1% in normally aligned feet with negative values for varus and positive values for valgus hindfeet).

In simple words, the presence in the foot of multiple bones and joints close to each other but lying on different planes increases the risk of bias related to radiographs. The true merit of Foot and Ankle Offset is to measure a lever arm based on a volume and not a two-dimensional unit like an angle or a distance, overcoming this issue. This is why we believe that this type of new measurement (part of the family of so-called 3D Biometrics), taken on CT images captured via cone beam technology in a physiological standing position, has tremendous potential in a foot and ankle clinical practice."

Alessio Bernasconi, MD

Publication Authors:

Jian Zhong Zhang, MD, François Lintz, MD, FEBOT, Alessio Bernasconi, MD,

the Weight Bearing CT International Study Group, and Shu Zhang, MD

For more information, please visit:

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