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WBCT papers accepted at the prestigious Italian SOTIMI Congress

We are delighted to announce that a set of outstanding WBCT papers, co-authored by our member Dr Alessio Bernasconi, have been accepted at the 112th edition of the Società di Ortopedia dell’Italia Meridionale ed Insulare (SOTIMI) Congress, to be held in Naples (Italy) from 22-23 November.

We would like to congratulate Dr Bernasconi and the co-authors on this important achievement, yet again marking the growing recognition of the Weight Bearing CT potential in the global foot and ankle community.

Dr Bernasconi notes:

"The 112th edition of the SOTIMI congress will reunite the most important orthopaedic surgeons from the centre and south of Italy and from the islands, and will undoubtedly present a fantastic opportunity to discuss how cone beam weight bearing CT might improve the diagnostic work-up and follow-up of common foot and ankle conditions like chronic ankle instability and pes cavovarus."
Alessio Bernasconi, MD, FEBOT

Visit the SOTIMI Congress website here.

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